Michigan man earned $ 2 million after gas station employee gave him the wrong ticket


The winner, who chose not to be identified, stopped at the Eastpointe suburban train station in Detroit because he needed a change to put air in the tires of his wife’s truck, according to a Michigan Lottery press release.

“I went in to change and asked for a $ 10 bill for Lucky 7. The clerk mistakenly gave me the $ 20 bill,” said the winner in the press release. “He offered to exchange it, but something told me to keep it. I’m sure I did it! “

The 57-year-old man decided to take the award as a one-time lump sum, so he received a payment of $ 1.3 million instead of an annuity for the full amount.

He said he planned to use the money to buy a new house and would save the rest, according to the lottery.


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