Michelin-starred restaurant in Los Angeles forced to close because of Covid-19


Coronavirus task force coordinator Dr Deborah Birx and Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear told reporters on Sunday that the federal and state governments agree on the measures needed to slow the rate of death. ‘Covid-19 infections in the state.

While Kentucky is currently a yellow zone, it has the potential to slip into the red zone, Birx said.

Birx said it appears the current surge in Kentucky cases is coming from residents vacationing to places like Myrtle Beach and other beach communities and unknowingly bringing back the infection.

“What we recommended is that 100% of people should wear masks in any indoor public space,” Birx said. “Frankly, people should wear masks if they have been in an area where the virus is important, if they have gone on vacation and come back, they should wear a mask, indoors, at home if they are. in a multigeneration. cleaning in order to protect our seniors optimally. ”

In order to maintain infection rates, Birx and the federal government recommend that Kentucky maintain the federal guidelines released in April for reopening.

The state has required face masks for certain public situations since July 10. Other federal guidelines include maintaining social distancing, increasing alfresco dining, closing bars, and reducing in-person gatherings to less than 10, she said.

Beshear agreed with that direction and said the state would make an announcement on Monday regarding additional measures it intends to take.

The number of people wearing masks has increased since the state demanded it, Beshear said, but the hardest part is encouraging everyone to do so, especially in the circumstances where people are “letting their guard down” .

He specifically noted that he had just seen a photo of hundreds of people at bars in Lexington, but none of them were wearing masks. He gave no further information on the fact that law enforcement activities had been carried out.

“This spread is mostly at the household level, and I think that’s why we have a real call to action for every Kentuckian to wear their mask and protect their family members by not going to large gatherings. social, ”Birx said. “And if they do, make sure they protect their family members who have significant vulnerabilities we know are linked to obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and chronic lung, heart or kidney disease.” .


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