Mexico overtakes France with fifth highest Covid-19 death


By Shankhyaneel Sarkar | Updated: 05 Jul 2020 06:59 IST

The World Health Organization has said that the world has registered more than 212,326 new cases of coronavirus. 61% percent of these new reported cases come from the United States and Brazil. Mexico has become the fifth country most affected by coronavirus, the country having recorded 30,366 deaths surpassing France.

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The United States, India, Russia, Mexico and Brazil continue to report high workloads. Even though Russia has experienced a slight decline, cases continue to increase. India has reported more than 22,700 cases. Cases and deaths have also increased in Italy.

06:59 AM IS

The death toll in Mexico exceeds 30,000

Mexico reported 523 new cases and surpassed the death toll in France to become the fifth country most affected by the coronavirus with 30,366 deaths.

First published: July 5, 2020 06:50 IST

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