Mexico overtakes France for fifth deadliest virus epidemic


(Bloomberg) –Mexico reported a daily increase of 523 deaths in Covid-19, bringing the total to 30,366 and making it the fifth deadliest country in the world for Covid-19.

The total number of cases increased from a record 6,914 to 252,165, according to data released Saturday evening by the Department of Health. Mexico overtook Spain and France this week as the pandemic’s toll on the country continues to rise. Data may reflect numbers in addition to the previous 24 hours because it takes the Ministry of Health longer to compile the data.

As in other Latin American countries, the Mexican authorities have had to balance their response to the virus by taking into account the large groups of people who have to work to meet basic daily needs. President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has largely focused on reactivating the economy by imposing strict restrictions.

In the country’s gradual reopening system based on government data on hospital occupations, Mexico City recently went from maximum to high risk, allowing some companies to operate at limited capacity. Despite this, authorities on Friday suspended the reopening of the historic center of the capital, which is packed with visitors at the weekend, as businesses failed to comply with measures to contain the spread of the epidemic, the newspaper reported. Reforma.

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