Mexico closes border with Arizona as coronavirus cases increase in both countries


The northern Mexican state of Sonora – which borders Arizona and a small part of New Mexico – is tightening border restrictions this weekend as both regions experience increased cases of coronavirus.In preparation for the July 4 weekend, the state government plans announced place filters in the main border towns of Sonora to expel tourists and those who travel for non-essential purposes.

“We’re all going to be on alert right now to keep them from coming, whether they’re Mexicans living in the United States, Americans, or those who want to come over the weekend and place a heavier burden on us. of COVID, ”said Sonora. Governor Claudia Pavlovich said a statement to the Arizona Daily Star.

Sonora’s secretary of health, Enrique Clausen, said on Twitter on Wednesday that he intended seek more restrictive temporary controls for non-essential travel. Clausen himself has tested positive for the virus.

“I will ask the National Health Council to request the Mexican Council on Health and Foreign Affairs to temporarily close the US border at Sonora to avoid and reduce COVID-19 infections,” he said.

The United States currently has restrictions on non-essential traffic to the United States from Mexico. The restrictions claimed by Clausen from Sonora would do the same for traffic to Mexico from the United States.

A spokesperson for Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) told The Star in an email Thursday that the governor’s office also discourages citizens from traveling over the weekend of July 4.

Arizona is currently one of the states most affected by the virus, and Sonora has also started to see an increase in cases.


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