Merkel: Pandemic Reveals Limits of “Populism Denying the Facts”


German Chancellor Angela Merkel told European Union (EU) countries on Wednesday that the coronavirus pandemic was showing the limits of “populism denying the facts” as she urged the bloc to reach agreement on a plan economic recovery.Merkel said the EU “must show that a return to nationalism means not more, but less control”, according to France 24.

Without naming specific nations, Merkel said, “We are seeing right now that the pandemic cannot be fought with lies and misinformation, nor can it be fought with hatred and turmoil.

“Populism that denies the facts shows its limits,” she added. “In a democracy, facts and transparency are necessary. This distinguishes Europe and Germany will defend it during its presidency. ”

The pandemic has killed more than 100,000 people in 27 EU countries and triggered what is expected to be the biggest recession the continent has known in decades.

On Tuesday, the EU released a report predicting that the bloc’s economy would contract more than initially expected due to blockages linked to coronaviruses.

Merkel joined on Wednesday The European Commissioner for the Economy, Paolo Gentiloni, urged the Commission to quickly reach an agreement on the recovery plan of 750 billion euros proposed earlier this year.

“The depth of economic decline demands that we hurry,” Merkel told lawmakers, selon l’Associated Press. “We must not waste time – only the weakest would suffer. I sincerely hope that we can reach an agreement this summer. It will take a lot of preparation to compromise on all sides – and you too. “


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