MEPs warn of biases in student results for England | Education


Families “affluent and with sharp elbows” are the most likely to benefit from complaining about this year’s GCSE and Level A results which may be distorted by prejudice and discrimination against disadvantaged students, MEPs said.MEPs also warned that the appeal system may “look like the wild west” because different systems are used by different examination boards.

House of Commons education committee asks Ofqual, England’s exam regulator, to examine whether certain groups such as black and ethnic minority students or students with special needs “have been systematically disadvantaged By the manner in which the examination marks will be awarded.

Official exams were canceled earlier this year following the coronavirus outbreak. Rather, marks will be awarded by Ofqual to each school or examination center based on their past performance. Students will then receive individual marks for each course based on the assessments and class rankings decided by their school.


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