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The second edition of Rouen impressed The Urban Art Festival, which takes place in Rouen, a port city on the Seine and the capital of Normandy, is about to see the birth of around twenty frescoes until September 2020.Among the many guest artists, we also find the artist based in Cagliari, Roberto Ciredz.
For the occasion, he produced a work 10 m high and 20 m wide entitled “Melt fast, die young», A clear reference to the alarming situation of global warming.

Roberto Cireddu, alias Ciredz, is one of the most internationally renowned Sardinian artists on the urban art scene. His native land, Sardinia, with its breathtaking natural landscapes, has always been one of his main sources of inspiration, combined with urban forms influenced by the cities in which he lived.

Graphics and volumes are the basis of the artist’s work, along with the mathematics and geometries that come from urban space instead, colors and shapes come from nature.
The intention to combine them arises from the attention paid to the relationship of coexistence between nature and humanity, a continuous dialogue that visually translates into a geometric, abstract, almost illusory aesthetic.

The mural painted for the Festival organized by Olivier Landes, is a wonderful abstraction that rewards inspiration, both for shapes, colors and an icy landscape. The intentional chromatic choice arises from the desire to draw attention to a problem common to all that is strictly present (global warming).

Enjoy more photos below taken by Brochoire de Florence and stay up to date with us for the latest news on the international street art scene.

Claudia Kiki

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