Meghan Markle Warns US Taxpayer Won’t “Take the Bill” After Royal Family Releases | Royal | News


The Republic is campaigning for the à la Reine be replaced by an elected democratic head of state and the monarchy to be abolished. TOrganization CEO Graham Smith told that the American taxpayer would not appreciate being asked to contribute to Meghan Markle’s lifestyle costs, as she will be considered a private citizen in America rather than as a royal.

Mr. Smith said, “I honestly think they have to pay for themselves.“We don’t ask that question of anyone else, we don’t randomly pick a person from the crowd and we say we pay that person.

“They are now private citizens and they should behave like that.

“I don’t think the American taxpayer would appreciate being asked to collect the bill.

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“I don’t think the American taxpayer is taking the bill for Oprah Winfrey or Matt Damon.

“Why should they take Meghan Markle’s bill? ”

In the same interview, Smith described the royal family as not responsible and secret in a scathing attack on the institution.

The CEO of Republic told that cost is just a symptom of why the UK should get rid of the monarchy.

“They get away with it because they are secret and do not reveal information about the money spent and what they are doing behind closed doors. ”

“We are supposed to be a democracy, we have been debating democracy and the will of the people for the past four years.

“We do not then turn this same logic towards the monarchy.

“So it doesn’t meet the standards we should expect from an institution in this country these days. “


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