Meeting review ’30 Rock ‘: the show meets for a’ unique special ‘which is really only an infomercial


Yes, the entire cast appeared – on the pretext of being recruited to restart the show on the show. But the content basically looked like the type of promotional video that actors would be enlisted to shoot for an initial sales presentation for advertisers, which is precisely what it was, just on a national platform.

It was sometimes funny – especially the outings at the end, for those who stayed – sporadically intelligent and more than anything, really strange.

Original network content is more scarce these days, so some viewers might be grateful to see the stars of a once-beloved show reunited. Still, many of those who have never attended a Rockefeller Center network sales pitch might have felt a bit mystified by the relentless shilling and awkward transitions of fresh material turned to extended promotional packages.

This ad pushed everything that belongs to Comcast, including its various cable and broadcast networks and Universal theme parks. All told, that was a long way from the previous “Parks and Recreation” special that NBC aired earlier in the pandemic, which raised funds for a charitable cause.

The conspicuous intrigue involved the former page Kenneth (Jack McBrayer), now at the head of the network, suggesting the prospect of a revival of the “TGS”. McBrayer played himself and his assistant in a dual role – among the intelligent visual flourishes, including the use of green screens to increase the madness around the character of Tracy Morgan.The setup created an excuse for the usual wave of Zoom calls, involving Liz (Tina Fey), Jack (Alec Baldwin) and Jenna (Jane Krakowski) as well as the rest of the gang.

There were also cameos by a variety of NBC / Comcast stars, including Khloe Kardashian, Dwayne Johnson, Jimmy Fallon, Mandy Moore, Gwen Stefani and Al Roker.

Notably, not all NBC affiliates agreed with the decision, with Vulture noting that many chose not to broadcast a TV show they saw as a threat to their business – encouraging people to watch a service. streaming, at the risk of further cannibalizing the public for traditional television.

The program will air again on NBCUniversal cable networks and online, but rest assured, no one has missed the opportunity to watch a lot of it.

As if to anticipate the confusion, NBC released a statement from sales manager Linda Yaccarino pointing out that it was an unusual year, saying, “When future advertising history books are written, they will show that today was the day that NBCUniversal changed the Upfront forever. ”

Like everything else associated with “30 Rock: A One-Time Special”, it’s clearly over-selling things.


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