MCCARTHY: DeChambeau wins golf tournament and loses personality contest


If you’re going to be the story of the week, whether you win or lose, you might as well win.Bryson DeChambeau crowned his warm restart of the PGA Tour with a victory Sunday at the Rocket Mortgage Classic in Detroit.

The biggest hitter of the match was also the best putter of the week at the Detroit Golf Club, an unbeatable combo that was good for a total of 23 under par and a three-hit win over runner-up Matthew Wolff.

“It’s really exciting to be able to do the work here and it’s a lot of dynamism for the majors,” said DeChambeau. “I think it’s a good test for me to hit records in certain narrow areas. ”

The 26-year-old American has had the best golf history since returning from the 91-day COVID-19 stop. He hasn’t finished outside the top 10 in any of the four tournaments since the restart, but his outrageously long workouts and incredible physical transformation dominate him. DeChambeau averaged 350.6 yards from the start this week, a PGA Tour record. On Sunday, at the 17th hole, he struck an 8-meter, 230-yard iron.

His seven under 65 Sunday was the lowest round of the day, and the victory is his sixth on the PGA Tour.

“It’s a little emotional for me because I did something a little different, I changed my body, changed my mindset in the game and I managed to win while playing a completely different style of golf, “he said. “And it’s pretty amazing to see that and I hope it’s an inspiration to a lot of people that if they do it, you can do it.” ”

DeChambeau’s daily training program is available worldwide on Instagram. He gained 20 pounds of muscle during the three months of the tour, apparently by lifting and eating whatever was in sight.

DeChambeau started the final round three shots behind Wolff, who is an up-and-coming 21-year-old star and already a tour winner. Wolff’s lead didn’t last long, as he bugged the first hole and DeChambeau – playing a group in front of Wolff – birdied three of his first four holes to get past him.

“How I started the day, I feel like I’m letting things get to me a little bit more than at the start of the week, just short breaks, bad shots, stuff like that,” said Wolff. “The next time I’m in this position, I feel like I’m much more comfortable.”

DeChambeau almost made things interesting on the 14th par-5 hole when his side pitch from the trees crossed the fairway and ended up in a rocky water hazard. He made a bogey and his lead was reduced to two. But Wolff couldn’t capitalize on the peer-5, making a pair after his second shot rebounded into the rough on the green side. Wolff had a disappointing 71 below Sunday to finish at 20 cents.

Kevin Kisner finished third with 18 cents.

It was a great arrival for Adam Hadwin who scored a 67 under five in the final round. The Canadian completed the 17th hole and made a birdie on the last to make 16 under par and jump tied for fourth with Danny Willett, Ryan Armor and Tyrrell Hatton.

With Nick Taylor’s victory at Pebble Beach in February, the Canadians now have one victory and seven top-6s this season on the PGA Tour.


Let’s start by saying that I never liked science lessons. Maybe that’s why from the start, I had an idea that Professor DeChambeau was, finally, a bit of a handful on the PGA Tour.

It turns out that, unlike high school, I was ahead of the curve this time.

DeChambeau ended up on social media for the wrong reasons after an unpleasant exchange on Saturday with a cameraman when he hit a bad shot and felt the camera lens follow him too long. It was not the exchange that had caused him trouble, but rather his selfish defense afterwards.

“I understand that it is his job to film me, but at the same time, I think that we have to start protecting our players here from showing potential vulnerability and damaging someone’s image”, a- he said on Saturday. “I don’t think it’s necessarily the right thing to do. Not that I was going to do something wrong, it’s just one of those things that I hope he respects my privacy. ”

There is a lot to unpack there. First, it is not the job of a CBS cameraman to protect the image of DeChambeau, and second, the last place a golfer should expect privacy to be inside the ropes during a tournament.

But he was not done.

“For it to damage our brand like that, it’s not cool in the way we act because if you meet me in person, I’m not too mean to a guy, I don’t think so,” said DeChambeau .

Not too bad of a guy, I don’t think.

Put this on a shirt.

The best game player in 2020 started his professional career in April 2016, a week after playing in the Masters as an amateur. That week, at Augusta National, everyone swooned over DeChambeau. He was so smart and so different, they said. He was a storyteller lover wearing a Ben Hogan hat who could sign his name backwards from right to left, and tested golf balls by dipping them in Epsom salt.

What not to love? The stories are essentially written.

Except that I didn’t buy it.

Instead, I looked around the media room, dodged and wrote a column titled, “Bryson DeChambeau is the most interesting (and boring) man in golf”. Where everyone saw his personality as a bullet in the arm for a suffocating sport, I saw a know-how with a prematurely swollen sense of self.

I wrote at the time: “Even if he says his idol is Albert Einstein, his real idol seems to be Bryson DeChambeau. “

My main concern was that if an amateur could sit at the Masters and didn’t seem the least humble, what would be the future?

Over 2016: “Now there is nothing wrong with being arrogant and many of the best golfers are. The fact is that very few athletes become less satisfied with themselves when fame, money and success start to come. So be careful. “

I should have bought a lottery ticket that day.

Four years ago, his talent, dynamism and commitment to his profession were evident, as was his polarizing personality. Now that he’s one of the best players in the game, little has changed, except that now he’s the one under the microscope.


With no stands or fans in tournaments during the reboot, watching the players have to go back on the cart path to go back to green is perhaps the only good thing about 2020 so far… The next two weeks on the PGA Tour will be played at a golf course. Muirfield Village has offered to host the unique Workday Charity Open after the cancellation of the John Deere Classic. The following week, Muirfield Village and Jack Nicklaus will host The Memorial. It will be an interesting lesson on course setup as next week’s event will feature rougher and slower greens before the course is “lifted” for Memorial. Should be fun.


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