Maverick & A Quiet Place 2 is moving in 2021


The release date reshuffle continues with Deadline, revealing that Paramount chooses to remove A QUIET PLACE 2 and TOP GUN: MAVERICK from their schedule for the year and through 2021. As of now, A QUIET PLACE 2 is about to bow 23 avril 2021, while TOP GUN: MAVERICK has been pushed back to next summer, with the highly anticipated sequel now slated for July 2, 2021.

While there is something sweet about a Tom Cruise TOP GUN movie that comes out on the July 4th holiday weekend, it’s still a pretty tough pill for fans to swallow, as the movie was originally intended to be. pushed from summer 2019 to summer 2020, then Christmas 2020, and now finally summer 2021. Still, that’s understandable given how the film industry is evolving today.

Earlier tonight, it was also announced that their highly anticipated adaptation of Tom Clancy, TRAILLESS, starring Michael B. Jordan is likely to find a new home on Amazon Prime. Considering the popularity of the first A QUIET PLACE and the fact that TOP GUN: MAVERICK was shot with 5K IMAX cameras, the release dates for these two tentpoles seemed unlikely. Suffice it to say, with the films’ release dates very uncertain for the rest of the year, they had to claim early. Pity.


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