Matthew McConaughey shares his July 4 message


Matthew McConaughey is not there to mess around this July 4 and went on Instagram with a call to action for his American compatriots. The video is partly self-help, partly the PSA facial mask and fully McConaughey’s best performance to date. “Happy 244th birthday, America. Hoo-wee! McConaughey begins, already vaguely sweating and wearing a red, white and blue headband. “We’re going through growing pains in this one, aren’t we?” Yes sir, yes madam. It’s hotter in more ways than one. “The monologue then takes a turn:” But growing pains are a good thing because how the hell are we going to grow … up? The actor emphasizes that “we have to look each other in the eyes” and, among other things, “wear the damn mask”. He ends with a free association: “It’s mine. It’s on you. It’s match time. Ding Ding. We are in the ring, in America. The choices McConaughey makes in this video are inspirational, far beyond the usual celebrity pandemic episode, and you better believe it.


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