Matt Hancock reveals local blockages run at a hundred a week


Mr. Hancock is expected to stop doing so, but it is likely that he will announce closer monitoring of board performance and decisions.In his article for the Telegraph, Hancock reveals that local interventions, which include closing pubs, schools and businesses and increasing testing at the local level, run into triple numbers every week, a figure more higher than previously reported.

He says that with a testing capacity of more than 300,000 tests per day, the government will “hunt down the virus” by targeting any area where an epidemic is significant.

He writes: “Every week, over a hundred local actions are taken across the country – some of them will be in the news, but many others are dealt with quickly and silently.

“This is largely due to the incredible efforts of local authorities – all of which have intensified and published their local outbreak control plans in accordance with the end of June deadline.”

According to him, the increase in testing capacity, the highest in Europe, means “that we can take more targeted local measures and less national locking, to restore the freedom of the majority while controlling the virus wherever we can find it. ”

Hancock’s disclosure of the level of local epidemics comes after Boris Johnson urged workers to start going back to their offices and other workplaces to help restore the economy.

Tensions remain within government between the need to protect public health and the need to prevent an economic collapse, and Mr. Hancock’s intervention reminded his colleagues that the danger of a second wave of viruses remains. Another 650 cases of coronavirus were confirmed in the UK on Sunday, with an additional 21 deaths.

In Leicester, door-to-door tests are being rolled out in the most affected areas of the city to test everyone in a given area, whether or not they have symptoms. The telegraph understands that this will be used more widely to suppress street-by-street epidemics in other regions in the weeks and months to come.


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