Matt Hancock on site as Sky News host challenges ‘secret’ COVID position – “Tell us!” “| UK | News


Matt Hancock faced a burnout from Sky News presenter Niall Paterson after the Health Secretary failed to confirm reports of a new round of coronavirus measures reportedly on the verge of be imposed. Mr Paterson has challenged the decision to run an information campaign “behind the scenes” rather than openly discussing the risk of a new COVID-19 wave with the public. The Sky News host said, “I understand Jonathan Van-Tam’s desire not to steal the thunder but at the same time it’s all over the papers this morning.

“Someone in the government, someone in your department who is likely briefing their staff.“I’m just wondering why you’re happy to tell print reporters about it, but you’re not happy to talk to broadcasters about it as well.

“On a related topic, we heard in the papers yesterday that Boris Johnson was worried about a second wave, this morning in the papers of more anonymous briefings suggesting scientists are.

“If you’re worried about a second wave, why don’t you tell us?

“Why are we doing all these behind-the-scenes briefings in the middle of a pandemic? ”

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Mr Hancock did not answer the question directly but admitted that he feared the UK would soon face a resurgence of coronavirus cases after the number of newly infected people started to rise across the ‘Europe.

The Health Secretary said: “I’m worried about a second wave.

“You can see a second wave starting to roll across Europe and we have to do all we can to prevent it from reaching these shores and dealing with it.

“The measures that the chief medical officer will outline later are part of that, as are the measures we are taking to ensure that we do not bring cases directly back to this country.” ”

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