Martin Lewis issues urgent warning when test and trace clients are illegally harassed by texts


Martin Lewis issued a warning for testing and tracking customers.The founder of MoneySavingExpert said that people who use their mobile number to sign up for the service are harassed by marketing messages.

He said he was “shocked” when he received marketing text after a haircut after the lockdown.

Mr Lewis explained: “Slightly shocked to receive marketing text from a hairdresser. It is neither acceptable nor legal. During my haircut, I was asked for my number specifically because of the Covid tracking and trail. “

He said, “It’s wonderful that you are open. It’s great that you are sure about Covid, but please ask for permission before marketing, ”the Mirror reports.

Lewis said it was a violation of recent rules of the General Data Protection Regulation aimed at protecting consumer information.

But he said he was not going to file an ICO complaint because it could hurt the business.

Businesses such as hairdressers and pubs are required to take customer contact information so that they can be contacted and notified if a customer gets the virus.

The ICO said: “Companies should not use the information collected for tracking and traceability for any other reason. We’ve produced simple tips to help businesses become compliant. ”

Her advice says, “You cannot use the personal information you collect for contact tracing for other purposes, such as direct marketing, profiling, or data analysis. ”

In June last year, the ICO fined telecommunications company EE Ltd £ 100,000 for sending over 2.5 million direct marketing messages to its customers without their consent. The messages, sent in early 2018, encouraged customers to access and use the My EE app to manage their account and upgrade their phone. A second batch went to customers who had not hired the first.

In May, secret details of the NHS government tracking application were made available to the public online.

It was one of a series of blunders that led to the app being discontinued last month.


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