Mark Harmon’s ‘NCIS’ trailer has been hand restored by the star


Mark Harmon has been famous for decades, and while the actor’s career has evolved over time, his life behind the scenes remains anchored in a world from before today. the NCIS the actor spends time between takes in a trailer. This is not uncommon for actors, as trailers are often their locker rooms and places to hang out. However, what makes Harmon different is that he restored his trailer to his liking and decorated it with several relics from the past.

Who is Mark Harmon?

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According to, Harmon is the son of a winning college quarterback from Heisman, and although he played at UCLA for two years as a starting quarterback, football was not in the game. the cards. Thanks to a family connection, Harmon got a full-fledged role in the sitcom Ozzie’s Girls in 1972, and his life has never been the same.

Harmon graduated in communication. But after being bitten by the acting bug thanks to that role on the short-lived sitcom, he gave up on a legal education offer to pursue his newfound passion.

Harmon got several small roles, mostly in TV shows and movies, over the next few years. Her Emmy-nominated role in Eleanor et Franklin, however, put it on the map.

Harmon wasn’t a big star yet, but his star was rising. In the 1980s, however, Harmon got a role on St. Elsewhere, a medical drama starring a young Denzel Washington.

After that, Harmon was a big name actor, an idiot, and one of the hottest on TV. In the 1990s, Harmon’s career began to slow down when he joined another medical drama, Chicago Hope. The show lasted until 2000.

In 2003, Harmon was headlining another hit drama series. This time it was NCIS. He’s been there ever since.

Mark Harmon’s ‘NCIS’ Legacy

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Capitalize on the hit series CSI, NCIS follows Harmon’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs as he and his team solve crimes for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. The series was a success, and although its cast went way beyond Harmon, he was the star of the drama from the start. The show has been a hit with fans for the past 17 years, averaging millions of viewers each week, and spawned two spinoff series.

While television has changed a lot since 2003, NCIS is a relic of past network dramas. As such, he’s a favorite among older audiences who crave those procedural dramas on the premium TV wave. So it makes sense that Harmon is such a draw.

Like audiences, Harmon ages, and as he ages, his nostalgia guides his career choices. At no point is this clearer than thanks to his beloved trailer.

Side project by Mark Harmon

Mark Harmon de ┬źNCIS┬╗ | Brian To / Contributeur

Harmon is a bit of a handyman far from the decor. Although he does not often take on full-fledged projects, he is a man of vision and dynamism. While many actors in shows as successful as NCIS might require premium trailers to chill between takes on a flatbed, Harmon is happy with their 1972 Airstream trailer.

The trailer looks like the year it was released from top to bottom, but that doesn’t mean it has stood the test of time. The trailer was apparently in disrepair when Harmon got his hands on it, and thanks to his combined vision with the carpenters he knew, he was able to restore it to how it looked in 1972, with an eight-track player and a lawyer. colored worktops.

Harmon might be on one of the top rated shows on network TV, but that doesn’t mean it tastes rich by default. In fact, her status helps her appreciate the little things, and her 1972 Airstream is the perfect example.


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