Mandatory masks during indoor events in France


The wearing of the mask will be mandatory in all public spaces closed in France, including concert halls, from August 1, the mayor of the city of Nice, in the south of France, making face covers mandatory during indoor and outdoor eventsYesterday (July 16), the new French Prime Minister Jean Castex announced that the wearing of the mask will be compulsory in all closed public spaces, including concert halls, from the beginning of August.

The decision comes days after a group of doctors wrote in the newspaper The Parisian, urging the government to increase the mandatory use of masks in the country. Masks were previously only required in public transport and in some stores.

The decision also comes after Christian Estrosi, mayor of Nice, imposed the compulsory wearing of masks on all events in the city and called on the government at large to do the same, following the fallout from a perceived lack of distancing during a recent concert in the city.

“We call on the State to review the decree governing major events in order to impose the wearing of masks, even outdoors”

Photos of the concert, which saw French producer The Avener play on the famous castle hill (Castle Hill) in Nice, drew criticism as thousands of people gathered in the streets without respecting the rules of distancing social.

Although Estrosi confirmed that the government’s capacity limit of 5,000 people had been maintained (in a space that usually accommodates 36,000), he published on Twitter that he “regretted” that the rules of distancing “n ‘have not been sufficiently respected’.

“We call on the state to review the decree governing major events in order to impose the wearing of masks, even outdoors,” writes Estrosi, adding that the wearing of masks will now be “compulsory” during all events in the city .

Barely an hour later, the French Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, took the floor to say that barrier measures, such as social isolation, “are not an option”.

“Do not hesitate to wear a mask in all situations, especially if you are not sure that you can stand one meter from the others,” posted Véran, without referring specifically to the events in Nice. “It is thanks to the good civic actions of individuals that we maintain the health of all.”

Outside of Nice, wearing a mask will only be compulsory in indoor spaces. Events of more than 5,000 people remain banned in the country.

Photo: Joao Pedro Correia / Flickr (CC BY 2.0) (rognée)

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