Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood did what Ole Gunnar Solskjaer asked – Tyrone Marshall


Greenwood’s inspirationSeeing Mason Greenwood walk into Brighton’s penalty area from the inner right channel, produce a few bewildering passages, and find a clean, clever finish, was like watching an episode of Premier League Years when Robin van Persie was in his pump.

Solskjaer has already compared Greenwood to the Dutch striker who was influential in the last title victory for United in 2012/13 and the similarities are evident, especially in the deadly finish of the two.

Greenwood now has 13 goals this season, a fantastic comeback for a forward who was not 19 before October, and although Solskjaer has criticized the chances that his attackers have missed against Sheffield United, Greenwood is generally exempt from such criticism. While Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial can sometimes be guilty of a capricious finish, Greenwood is rarely anything but deadly.

He has proven that he can also create goals in Brighton. His composure during the race to the rhythm of the third goal was a highlight, slowing in time to catch a perfectly weighted center in the trajectory of Bruno Fernandes.

Classic united

As the United’s undefeated run continues – it is now 15 games away and it should really reach 19 before the FA Cup semi-final against Chelsea – the longer it will feel like it is not a false dawn.

Twitter’s reaction to United’s third magic at Amex quickly went from those who boasted of a majestic goal to “United is back, right?” From rival fans who have seen it all in the past seven years.

It is still too early to answer this question in the affirmative, but the signs are promising. It is amazing to think that the team that played with such panache and precision against Sheffield United and Brighton is the same team that was embarrassed by Burnley at Old Trafford in late January.

If these are the first shots of United’s recovery to become a major force at the top of the Premier League, Fernandes’ second goal will be one of the moments when they will once again feel like a real United team. This is the kind of devastating counteroffensive goal that the best Sir Alex Ferguson teams have scored every season.

Solskjaer wanted to bring that kind of freedom back to United. He built this team around the beat and that goal was the clearest example of why.

A simple decision

Solskjaer was playing on Saturday when he made so many changes for an FA Cup quarter-final when he already talked about the importance of a trophy for the development of this team, but after having successfully rolled the dice her decision to select the team for the Amex trip was as easy as possible.

United were fortunate enough to beat Norwich City on Saturday and needed a group of star team stars to advance to the semifinals during extra time. None of the eight who arrived at Carrow Road gave Solskjaer anything to think about, except for Odion Ighalo, who is a clear save option anyway.

The only remote task decisions, even for Solskjaer, were whether to go again with Nemanja Matic in midfield and Greenwood to the right, but having seen the side seem so fluid against Sheffield United, he was happy to stay with it aside, and this decision was justified. Changing that side right now seems very unlikely.

A friendly group

Just under 14 months ago, Sunday May 5, 2019, when Gary Neville said, “There is nothing I like about this Manchester United team. ”

Solskjaer’s honeymoon was over. They had won only two of the 11 games since eliminating Paris Saint-Germain from the Champions League and had just played a mind-numbing draw with Huddersfield Town already relegated. The players seemed to have cut down tools and Solskjaer was becoming critical of certain attitudes he encountered.

United celebrates victory in Brighton

During his co-commentary in Brighton, Neville sang the praises of this team, saying that it was once again becoming a team to love. You can see why. They look much more balanced and the ego and agendas that disrupted the team just over a year ago have disappeared.

It’s not just on the ground either. Harry Maguire and Marcus Rashford led the way in the team in an exceptional response to the coronavirus pandemic and the club has repeatedly scored the right note. This added to the feeling of a feel-good factor around United.

From Gea

After the mistake that proved so costly at Tottenham, David de Gea got back on track against Sheffield United and Brighton with clean clean sheets.

He was particularly pleased with his exposure to Amex. While he had very little to do in both games, he showed the levels of concentration required for a No. 1 United to come to the rescue in the second half, making good saves to refuse Aaron Connolly and Neal Maupay for doing nothing during the first three quarters. Game.


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