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Watch the highlights of Manchester United’s victory over Aston Villa for free

Watch the highlights of Manchester United’s victory over Aston Villa for free

Manchester United won their 13th penalty of the season against Aston Villa – tying the record for kicking in a single Premier League campaign – but should it have been canceled?

Bruno Fernandes swept the penalty spot in the 27th minute after being found guilty by Ezri Konsa.

United tied the Crystal Palace team in 2004/05 and the victorious Leicester City team in 2015/16 as the only teams to receive 13 penalties in a season.

That means that with four games remaining for United in the 2019/20 season, they are just shy of breaking the record.

But have they had the chance to join the club of 13? The awarding of the penalty has been controversial with reruns showing that Fernandes actually contacted Konza when the couple met just inside the area. The United midfielder sped the ball and eventually collided with the Villa defender, catching Konsa at the ankle.

The incident was reviewed by VAR but was not considered a clear and obvious error.

Bruno Fernandes stood on Ezri Konsa's ankle as he spun

Bruno Fernandes stood on Ezri Konsa’s ankle as he spun

Villa lost the game 3-0 as fears of relegation continued. Boss Dean Smith castigated VAR officials, calling the decision not to cancel the penalty “shameful.”

“It was all about the sanctioning decision,” said Smith.

“I can understand that Jon Moss is wrong but it goes to VAR, I don’t know what they are watching. It is a shameful decision. I can’t really tell you what I think because I will be fined. It is a bad decision. They have a screen they can watch on but they don’t seem to be bothered now.

“Anyone who has been in football knows that Fernandes is trying to back off. His first foot is on the ball and his second is on the Konsa shin.

“I thought he was going to make a mistake the other way. ”

However, United’s boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer disagreed.

He said, “I think it’s a penalty. If you try to attack me, I try to jump on you and I land on you, I think it’s a fault. The boy [Konsa] pulls out his leg and Fernandes does a fantastic Zidane or Maradona pirouette and he lands on him. ”

This provoked a debate Sky Sports studio with experts Roy Keane and Patrice Evra offering a certain sympathy to Villa for the decision not to be overthrown by VAR.

Evra said, “In my opinion, this is not a penalty. The defender is a bit clumsy but that shouldn’t be a penalty. “

Keane added: “I don’t think it’s a penalty but I can see why the referee gave it. It’s hard but sometimes you have to be punished for being awkward – it was an awkward challenge. It’s a smart game from Fernandes. “

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