Manchester United could face Leicester in Champions League play-off via unlikely scenario


This bizarre and stretched Premier League season could take another crazy turn as it is possible, albeit extremely unlikely, that Manchester United and Leicester City could come into play-offs to claim last place in the Champions League.United and Leicester, as well as Chelsea, are both aiming for the last two places in the top four, which would allow them to qualify for the best European competition next season.

United are currently tied on points and goal difference with Leicester, but have an ongoing fixture against West Ham United after their FA Cup semi-final exploits on Sunday.

This allows United to clinch fourth place because, if they beat West Ham, especially with a large goal margin, they will be three points away from Foxes and lead the goal difference before the two teams meet. on the last day of the match. season.

However, if a particular set of results occurs, they would be forced to play each other again in a play-off for the winner for the Champions League final.

For that to happen, United would have to defeat the Hammers 5-3 on Wednesday and then lose 1-0 to Leicester at King Power, which would mean both teams would end the season with the same number of points, the same goal difference, the same number of goals scored and conceded. Chelsea are also expected to take at least three points from their last pair of games.

Such a scenario would be unprecedented and would likely complicate United’s preparations for the return to Europa League action, as they are set to face LASK on August 5 for their final return leg at Old Trafford.

The likelihood of this happening, however, seems minimal with the odds of both outcomes occurring being a whopping 1260/1 – but stranger things have happened.


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