Manchester pub reveler says Carling’s first pint “like an angel p *** ing on my tongue”


An excited bettor described his first pint after the lockout as “like an angry p *** ing on the tip of my tongue”. The pubgoer, named Jimmy, was looking forward to his local, The Shiredale in Manchester this morning.

Alcoholic beverages were allowed to reopen from 6 a.m. today.

Jimmy, who worked a night shift on the tarmac roads, avoided sleep to get his first pint served at the pub since March.

After opting for a Carling, he told the Manchester Evening News, “It’s great to be back.

“I was at night, I finished my shift … I went home to take a shower and I entered.

Pub regulars Chris and Jimmy at the Manchester Shiredale this morning

“Having my first Carling was like an angel p *** ing on the tip of my tongue. It’s great that he’s back on the draft. I’m fed up with cans in the house. ”

Earlier in the day, a man celebrating the return of pubs to England made his “wishes” by shooting a live jagerbomb on the BBC at 11 a.m.

The smiling bettor, in a Wetherspoons pub in central London, smiles at the camera before taking a drink.

A bar staff member wearing PPE serves drinks to customers outside the Goldengrove Wetherspoon pub in Stratford, East London

Friends meet in pub for the first time in months

One Twitter user expressed his approval, writing, “I love the fact that he shot a live jägerbomb at the BBC at 11 am. ”

It comes as drinkers prepare for their busiest night of the year, with businesses being allowed to open for the first time since March.

But with the R rate now feared to be greater than 1 in London – which means the number of new Covid-19 cases could increase – experts called on the drinkers to be careful.

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North London bettor Andrew Slawinski said the first pint of pub was “like winning the [Premier] League ”.

Newcastle-based builder Ben Clark and two friends lined up outside the Briar Rose in Birmingham city center before it reopened at 7 a.m.

They were covered in dust after a night shift on a construction site while standing on social distance markers.

The drinkers of Soho in central London today

Mr. Clark, 33, told BirminghamLive: “We have just finished the night shift. I have been watching the pubs since 4 am this morning when we came and booked our tables ready for the pub opening, ready for a pint of San Miguel and breakfast. ”

Amid fears that the reopening could fuel unrest, West Midlands labor police and crime commissioner David Jamieson said government chose “very bad” when to choose a Saturday night and admitted it “Prayed for the rain”.

He had suggested that it would be more appropriate to open pubs on a Monday.

Across England, police were planning to deploy additional patrols.


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