Man Marks Dozen Possible Names For Washington NFL Team As They Get Rid Of “Redskins”


Following mounting pressures from business and the public, the Washington NFL team finally got rid of his name “Redskins” after 87 years. A premonitory Virginia man hopes to benefit from the change, having filed dozens of trademark claims for possible new names since 2014.Washington owner Dan Snyder and new head coach Ron Rivera “will develop a new name and design approach,” the team announced on Monday. However, Martin McCaulay, an actuary from Alexandria, Virginia, jumped at speculation of a name change long before the announcement.

McCaulay has filed numerous trademark claims in the past six years for potential nicknames for the Washington football team. A search by CBS News in the database of the United States Patent and Trademark Office found at least seven names that were registered in the past month alone. Among them, the Washington Red Wolves, Washington Redtails, Washington Monuments, Washington Americans and Washington Veterans. The idea would likely be to sell the name to Snyder if Washington chose one of the registered names.


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