Man killed by police on Monday was wanted in a terrible machete attack that sent his girlfriend to hospital


BATON ROUGE – A suspect who was shot dead by police early Monday morning was wanted for brutalizing his ex-girlfriend with a knife earlier this year, cutting all fingers of one hand to the bone.According to an arrest warrant, Vincent Harris, 51, was wanted for second-degree kidnapping, attempted second-degree murder, aggravated second-degree battery and domestic violence when Baton Rouge police picked him up from an apartment in Tigerland. Monday.

The document says Harris held his then-girlfriend captive in their home for several days, leaving her bruised, bloody and in need of surgery.

The charges date back to May 4, when Harris confronted the victim over a Facebook message she received from an ex-boyfriend. Records say Harris punched her several times and continued to hit her whenever she tried to leave the apartment.

The next day, Harris attacked the victim again when she received a phone call from an unknown number. Although she told him the call was from her brother, Harris didn’t believe her and an argument ensued. Harris armed himself with a handgun during the confrontation and beat her again, specifically targeting parts of her body that would not be visible while she was wearing clothes, according to the warrant. Harris again refused to let the victim go and physically prevented her from reaching the door.

On May 6, the victim said Harris would not let her leave the apartment for food unless she took her nephew with her. Later that day, the two men had another argument which ultimately led to Harris punching her again and pulling out a machete. She told investigators Harris threw the gun at her head and hit her four fingers with the blade as she tried to shield her head with her hands.

When police later met her at the hospital, she had stitches on four fingers, large bruises and a golf ball-sized knot on the side of her head. Her fingers had been “cut to the bone” and she needed surgery due to the rupture of two nerves in her fingers, according to the warrant.

The victim told police she had been in a relationship for five years at the time.

The arrest warrant was signed on May 6, but Harris managed to avoid police custody until Monday, July 20, when the BRPD located him in Tigerland. Harris was shot after pointing a gun at officers, Police Chief Murphy Paul said.


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