Man City vs Real Madrid exempt from new Covid-19 lockdown rules on travelers from Spain


Manchester City’s Champions League clash with Real Madrid will go as planned despite the government’s crackdown on people coming from Spain. The UK yesterday decided to impose restrictions on anyone arriving in the country from Spain following a spike in coronavirus cases, forcing them to self-isolate for 14 days after the landing.

This immediately raised fears that City’s last 16-game second leg against the new Spanish champions was in doubt.

The game is scheduled for Friday August 7 and if the Real Madrid squad had been subject to the new rules, they wouldn’t even be able to play on that date if they instantly flew away.

The rules have angered thousands of British holidaymakers, who risk isolating themselves on their return.

But the government has said Real Madrid will be exempt from the rules, due to strict protocols surrounding elite sports teams.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Culture, Media and Sports said that “exempted people will live and work in controlled ‘bubbling’ environments behind closed doors,” which applies to “sports stars, officials from the event, to coaches, medics, mechanics and new members of the media. . ”

UEFA have confirmed that the game is set to go ahead, after initially considering a transfer of the game to Lisbon.

But they have already reserved the right to change location if circumstances change.

The match was originally scheduled to be played in March but was postponed when a basketball player based in the same training complex as the soccer club tested positive for the virus.

This was followed by a complete lockdown of all football, until UEFA resumed the remaining matches.

The exemption should also apply to City if they beat Madrid and thus qualify for the tournament for the last eight, which starts in Lisbon on August 12 and ends with the final on August 23.

Portugal is also on Britain’s list of countries requiring self-isolation, and if the Blues were to abide by those rules, it would wreak havoc in their preparations for the start of the new Premier League season on September 12.

But the DCMS exemptions will also apply to City if they pass the last eight and return home after their tournament is over.


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