Man City transfer spending myth will give hope to Liverpool and FSG after CAS decision


Manchester City won’t just be able to blow up their Premier League rivals next season by spending a lot on the summer transfer market.This is the view of football finance expert Kieran Maguire, who says there has been a misunderstanding behind the recent decision of the Court of Arbitration for Sport to accept the ban appeal. European Manchester City.

He told the Blood Red podcast: “City is able to spend a little more than Liverpool because of the nature of the ownership model.

“We saw with Chelsea that they signed Timo Werner, they also signed Hakim Ziyech from Ajax.

“They’ve already spent £ 80-90million because instead of going to a board Frank Lampard just calls or WhatsApps Roman Abramovich and he says yes or no accordingly.

“Liverpool has a much broader mandate because the owners have American franchises and other companies in which they are involved, so they must keep the whole mother ship in mind. ”

“As for City, while they are clearly at the top of the spending list, Manchester United have passed them. City wanted Alexis Sanchez and United to outbid them, and it was exactly the same with Harry Maguire.

“Cities are in a strong position, but they won’t be able to spend willy-nilly because Financial Fair Play (FFP) still exists.

“These particular charges against City actually date back to around 2013 – since then City has reigned in its spending in terms of the degree of acceleration in wages and transfer spending. ”

FFP remains in place as next season approaches, but this year’s numbers will be added to subsequent ones, with the combined losses over the two seasons cut in half, to help clubs in need of help during the COVID-19 crisis.

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The canceled Manchester City ban will not change that, given that as things stand, FFP is still in place. While changes may occur in the future, they will not happen overnight.

It has been suggested this week that Liverpool are one of several Premier League clubs to write to UEFA in support of their decision to ban Pep Guardiola’s side from European competition.

That decision was overturned by CAS, prompting Klopp to question whether it was a ‘bad day for football’, while Jose Mourinho called the decision a ‘shame’.

Maguire added: “There is no love between Liverpool and Manchester City. The nature of the comments we saw this week about a letter came from eight Premier League clubs to UEFA in support of the two-year ban.

“If the stories are true, Liverpool were one of the signatories.

“I don’t think the FSG will be in shock – Liverpool just won the Premier League and it’s an incredible achievement in itself. ”

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“And Jurgen Klopp said it was a double-edged sword because if City weren’t in Europe next season, it would be impossible to prevent them from winning the Premier League.

“But the Liverpool owners will not be happy with the decision because Manchester City is a competitor but they are unable to do anything. They will gnash their teeth quietly. ”

The FSG has always been a big supporter of FFP regulation for its ability to level the playing field slightly in terms of spending on transfer fees and salaries.

The good news for Liverpool this summer is that although adaptations to FFP are now imminent, Manchester City’s spending will not be completely under control.


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