Magliocca’s spending survey shows years of problematic spending: Nenshi


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Magliocca reimbursed the expenses.

Flight upgrades

Magliocca supported eight round-trip flights to the city between November 2017 and July 2019, for a total of $ 9,538.73. All but one of these trips included either Business Class or Premium Class flights, despite the city’s policy that all flights should be Economy Class unless they are unavailable.

According to the audit, Magliocca reimbursed the city for only one of the flights it outclassed.

Asked by listeners, Magliocca said he had always reimbursed the amounts for on-demand flights, but “sometimes” he booked his trips “in the days following the flight, which reduced seat availability. ”

But listeners said that apart from one flight booked by Magliocca 10 days and one confirmed 21 days in advance, the flights in question had been booked months before travel, likely rendering the upgraded seats ineligible.

“Given the time at which the airfares were booked, we question the likelihood that the economy fare would not have been available,” they wrote.

Magliocca demanded average airfare fees from other city councilors and officials who attended FCM events, saying he would voluntarily reimburse the difference between his airfare and the average cost.

Sanctions of the municipal council

City council has limited options for sanctioning council members, but it still voted to go ahead with four actions on Tuesday night.

Magliocca will be publicly reprimanded and asked to issue a public apology – it would be the third excuse this year linked to discrepancies in his spending.


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