Lynch mob asks cops to hand over ‘Paedo’ as kidnapped girl, 5, found naked and tied up in her apartment after being raped


A FURIOUS lynch mob demanded cops surrender a suspected pedophile after a five-year-old girl was found naked and tied to the ground.

Hundreds of people stormed the 68-year-old suspect’s apartment, a local police station and an administrative building in Satpayev, Kazakhstan, where he was being held.


Hundreds demanded that suspected rapist in Satpayev, Kazakhstan be handed over for lynchingCredit: @ gulyana.mamachica
A mob stormed his apartment, a police station and an administrative buildingCredit: Instagram
The suspect, 68, has been charged with rape and kidnapping


The suspect, 68, has been charged with rape and kidnappingCredit: Instagram
Cars were set on fire during the mess


Cars were set on fire during the messCredit: Instagram

Locals have launched a kidnapper hunt after a father reported his daughter missing.

Police used loudspeakers to call her name and she was heard crying behind the man’s door, as officers broke down to find her naked and tied up with duct tape.

The apartment had been checked before but she was not found because she was hidden on a sofa.

The man, who was charged with rape and kidnapping, was later arrested and a medical examination reportedly confirmed the girl had been raped.

A crowd followed him to the police station when he was arrested while some stormed and ransacked his apartment and others reportedly set fire to police cars. reported that angry residents of Satpayev demanded that the suspect be handed over to them for lynching.

A neighbor of the suspect said: “We heard the clicking noises and the smell of pungent smoke.

“It was very scary, because this angry crowd of people could set fire to the entrance to the block where the suspect lives at any time.”

The Fergana News Agency reported that stones and sticks were thrown at the police station and mixtures burned on cars, several of them caught on fire.

We heard the clicking noises and the smell of acrid smoke.

Neighbor of the suspect

But the head of the Kazakhstan Lawyers Union Serik Berkamalov said that if he could understand the mentality of the crowd, he could not support them.

He said: “The first reaction to violence against a small child is naturally the most violent and the most instinctive – shoot in place, tear it alive.

“I won’t hide that as a father, I felt the same way.

“We are all living people. You can understand the lynch mob, but you can’t support it.

He pointed out that laws against pedophiles had been toughened in Kazakhstan, with some offenders facing chemical castration.

It comes as this week a hero police officer was honored after a suspected pedophile jumped from a 13th floor window during a chase in Kazakhstan – and the cop jumped after him.

Father of six Bakytzhan Bakirov, 36, was so determined to catch the alleged “rapist” that he didn’t hesitate to fall, he said.

Unbeknownst to him, there was a terrace 20 feet below and the Almaty officer broke his foot but managed to hold the suspect down until help arrived.

Suspected pedophile named Citizen Sh is accused of breaking and entering a house and raping a 15-year-old girl after he stole £ 13,500 and terrorized her 4-year-old brother.

A nurse and a grandmother in charge of castrating pedophiles in Kazakhstan say the West should follow the example of the former Soviet state.

Zoya Manaenko, 68, insists that it is right that child sex offenders face this ultimate punishment.

“These people have to be arrested in one way or another,” said Zoya, who works in a prison hospital.

“They commit terrible crimes against children. It is therefore right that the law allows it.

New laws in Kazakhstan mean child rapists could face chemical castration


New laws in Kazakhstan mean child rapists could face chemical castrationCredit: Social networks
Crowds ransacked suspect's home demanding he be lynched


Crowds ransacked suspect’s home demanding he be lynchedCredit: Ratel KZ
A smashed windshield of a police car


A smashed windshield of a police carCredit: Atameken Business News


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