Lucy Hale Receives Support From Her “Pretty Little Liars” Family


Television and film star Lucy Hale has certainly made the headlines in recent times. Currently, her love life is the subject of speculation because she was linked to the former single, Colton Underwood. But, earlier this month, Hale made headlines because of her career. On July 2, 2020, it was announced that the new Hale CW show Katy Keene had been canceled after only one season. Sadly, this is something that has happened to Hale on several occasions during his career. Privileged, Perpetuity, and Bionic woman, Unfortunately, suffered the same fate as Katy Keene.

Lucy Hale | Edward Berthelot / GC Images

Although Hale has been starring in movies and TV shows for years, she has faced a bit of bad luck with her short shows. To date, the oldest show in which she has participated is Pretty little Liars. Hale played Aria Montgomery instantly Free form show for seven long seasons. Naturally, she developed strong ties to the show that are still in place today.

Lucy Hale gets emotional over ‘Katy Keene’ cancellation on Instagram

On July 2, 2020, Hale took to her Instagram page to post a video following the news. Katy Keene had been canceled. the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 alum shared that she wanted to do more than just post a photo because a simple photo wouldn’t do her feelings justice. Speaking through her tears, Hale said she tried to record the video on several occasions, but was too upset to convey her deepest thoughts.

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Hale expressed her love for the show and those involved before sharing that the news was particularly difficult to digest. “Every time it’s just like, ugh, just heartbreaking. I mean, it’s a job that has broken my heart many times. It’s bad, it’s bad… oh my God, sorry, it will take time to get over it ”, Pretty little Liars shared alum.

“Pretty Little Liars” alumni rally around the actor

Naturally, Hale had many friends and fans sympathizing with her and sending her best wishes. Among them were his comrades Pretty little Liars alums, who gathered around her and left sweet messages of love and support. “You are so good and so talented. He is a bump on the road and you will certainly work with people as committed and loving as you. I’m really sorry to hear that. You are a joy and a champion, ”wrote Ian Harding who played Hale’s love interest Ezra Fitz on the show.

“Lucy, this video is so honest and real. You are so talented and wonderful in this role. It’s timeless. Your trip is an inspiration to many, because you graciously share this hidden side. Too often a big loss like this gets overlooked as a title… it’s important your fans know how hard you and a small town of people are working to put together a show of this magnitude. I know your work ethic and I send you so much love ❤️ ”Keegan Allen, who played Toby, Hale’s friend Pretty little Liars sharing.

Hale’s latest film ‘A Nice Girl Like You’ released today

” No words. I love it, ❤️❤️❤️ ”I. Marlene King, the show’s creator and showrunner, wrote to Hale. “I love you, sweet Luce,” said Janel Parrish, who played Mona. Clearly, this is a tough time in Hale’s career. But it’s good that she Pretty little Liars the family is willing to gather around them and remind them of their talent and value. We can’t wait to see what movies and TV shows she will make in the future. His latest film, A pretty girl like you came out today on request.


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