Louise Redknapp pays moving tribute to the memory of her friend Caroline Flack


Louise Redknapp shared a moving message on Sunday in memory of her late friend Caroline Flack.The 45-year-old former singer remembered her close friend five months after the presenter from Love Island unfortunately committed suicide.

Speaking to social media, Louise shared a return photo in which she starred alongside Caroline, along with Keith Lemon and Claire Denby.

In the selfie, the group beams from ear to ear while they enjoy an evening together.

Louise added a sincere message to Caroline’s memory next to the image.

“I miss you,” she writes, before adding, “Always in my heart.”

Keith Lemon also shared the photo on his own social media page and revealed that it was the last time the comedian saw Caroline Flack before his death.

Louise Redknapp photographed alongside Caroline Flack, Keith Lemon and Claire Denby

On February 15, Caroline committed suicide in her Stoke Newington apartment in London at the age of 40.

As tributes poured in following the shocking news of her death, Louise revealed that she had moved closer to the star after the breakdown of her marriage.

At the time, the mother of two shared an emotional tribute by reflecting on their friendship.

The buddies got closer while Louise separated from her husband

Louise shared a moving tribute when Caroline passed away

In the letter, Louise spoke affectionately about Caroline and congratulated her for having supported her during this difficult period.

She wrote: “Caroline when things were difficult for me and you were going through such a difficult time, you contacted me and it was so nice to have someone who was there and who experienced the same emotions and feelings than me even if different circumstances.

“I still think it takes a certain soul to be able to reach out to someone they don’t really know well and speak from the bottom of your heart, but you did it for me and from that moment on, a close friendship was founded. ”

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