Loss Prevention Officer Arrested After Franklin Park Mall Incident


TOLEDO (WTVG) – A loss prevention worker at a Franklin Park Mall store was handcuffed after allegedly assaulting a person who grabbed several items of food near a cash register and placed it in a bag at another store. According to a Toledo police report, Aaron Buckenmeyer, 36, of Swanton, was walking through the Dick’s Sporting Goods store at the mall when he admitted to putting several pieces of food in a bag from another store.
Buckenmeyer was approached by a loss prevention employee. According to Buckenmeyer, the employee threw him to the ground and punched him in the face several times.
The employee told police that Buckenmeyer had kicked him and grabbed his genitals during the fight.
Officers found a witness with a cell phone video, which showed the two men standing almost face to face before the employee placed Buckenmeyer in a bottleneck and used a removal technique to ground him .
The video also showed the employee hitting Buckenmeyer with a higher punch, and Buckenmeyer grabbing the employee’s genitals. The employee repeatedly punched Buckenmeyer with his fist closed.

Buckenmeyer was detained and treated at the scene for a bloody nose and a bloody lower lip. He complained of a head injury and a possible concussion, so he was taken to the local hospital.
The employee was handcuffed and taken to the security building, where he was later released.


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