Los Angeles garment factory still closes after more than 300 workers contract COVID-19, killing 4


SOUTH LOS ANGELES (KABC) – With increasing cases of COVID-19 in Los Angeles County, demand for face cover is also increasing, but health officials continue to shut down mask maker Los Angeles Apparel after more than 300 workers have contracted the virus, resulting in the death of four people. The South LA business will remain closed until it meets county health and safety standards to protect workers from harm. virus.When the pandemic hit the region, LA Apparel hoped to meet a vital need by making about 100,000 face covers a week. But with hundreds of employees working in close collaboration, the virtual finally entered the factory. Business owners and operators must take the health needs of their employees seriously and take into account public health guidelines. Because when we reopened, we saw the greatest increase in epidemics in the workplace, “said county director of public health, Dr. Barbara Ferrer, during the reopening. a press conference on Monday.

Ferrer said the facility has been closed for breach of pandemic safety protocols and will not be allowed to reopen until it is in compliance.

The owner of LA Apparel told Eyewitness News that the company had tested employees in the past five weeks and checked the temperature of all workers before they were allowed inside the building.

Although many infected workers made masks, Ferrer did not fear that the virus would spread to the people who received the masks.

“It is highly unlikely that there will be a transmission but I would like to remind everyone that, whether you buy a mask or other clothing, it is always useful to wash everything you buy … before using it “, She added.

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