Loose Women’s Linda Robson Assaulted and Left with Black Eye for Bag of Poop


Loose Women panelist Linda Robson revealed on Tuesday’s show that she was previously assaulted and punched so hard she had a black eye, on a bag of dog poop.She had spoken to her co-hosts, Andrea McLean, Janet Street Porter and Saira Khan, about designer poop bags for dog owners.

“I had one occasion where I woke up in the middle of the night and could smell poop from below,” Linda, 62, began.

“So I went down to the first row where my dog ​​had an accident, put it all back up and put it in a Selfridge bag, I put the poo in a Selfridge bag, I went to the front door, I tried to keep no one looking, and there was one of those big bins that had all of your trash in it.

The actress got a black eye after a cyclist hit her

“So I thought I would sneak up and put it in because I didn’t want it in my trash.”

“And I crossed the road to put it in the bag, and this bike drove past me, hit me in the face, took the bag from the Selfridge and drove off,” she said, as Janet covered her face and laughed.

“Oh no, you got mugged!” Andrea exclaimed.

Andrea was absolutely horrified

“I had a black eye, and all he got was a bag full of poo,” Linda replied.

“Well you know what, it serves him well! Andrea said.

“It serves him well,” Linda agreed.

Janet found the story hilarious

Viewers are thrilled with the hilarious story, with a tweet: “Linda Robson: Assaulted for My Bag of Poop. ”

Another wrote: “Absolutely hilarious a bag full of poop. ”

The show only lasted half an hour on Tuesday rather than its usual one-hour slot, as ITV changed its schedule to make room for live races later in the day.

* Loose Women airs weekdays on ITV at 12:30 p.m.


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