London scenes as crowds crowd the streets at night as police warn it is “crystal clear” that drunkards are not socially distanced


As a major loosening of the foreclosure rules saw the reopening of pubs, restaurants and hairdressers, London police have been faced with chaotic scenes as thousands of drunk people flock to Soho flouting social distancing rules . The president of the Police Federation has warned that the drunkards are unable to distance themselves properly after images of the capital city scenes were released on Saturday evening.

John Apter said that what was “crystal clear” was that “drunk people cannot / do not want to distance themselves socially” because they did not respect the restrictions of one meter plus the social distances that remain in place.

In a tweet in the early hours of Sunday, he wrote, “What was clear was that drunkards can’t / don’t want to distance themselves socially.

“It was a busy night, but the team managed to cope. I know that other regions have had problems with the assaulted police. Now returning home, to those who are still on duty, please stay safe. “

Police officers walk through a dense crowd in Soho, London, as pubs reopen

There were also disturbances in northern Nottinghamshire, where four people were arrested and several pubs decided to close after alcohol-related antisocial behavior.

Nottinghamshire police said three pubs in Mansfield and Sutton in Ashfield, plus two in Arnold and Newark closed.

Inspector Craig Berry said, “Officers quickly arrived at the scene to deal with a number of reports of alcohol-related antisocial behavior, including broken glass and minor assaults.

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“As a result, four arrests were made by officers and we supported licensees who chose to close their own premises.

“No pub was closed by the police.

“We would like to thank the majority of the public who acted responsibly throughout Saturday, in particular by watching the highly anticipated Derby vs Forest match. “

The streets of London were swarming with people on Saturday evening

In London, Rafal Liszewski, store manager at Clonezone on Soho’s Old Compton Street, described the crowds in the area on Saturday night after pubs were allowed to trade again as “out of control”.

“Saturday started very easily. But you could feel tension in the air, ”the 36-year-old told the Press Association.

“Around 1 pm, crowds started arriving… quickly everything got out of hand and at 8 pm to 9 pm, it was a real street party with people dancing and drinking.

“Almost no one wore a mask and no one respected social distance … to be honest with so many people on a street, it was physically impossible.”

Soho was busy even before dark

Liszewski, originally from Poland but now living in Finchley, estimated there were between 2,000 and 3,000 on the street, but his store only allowed seven customers at a time.

England’s chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty warned the pandemic was “far from over” as he urged the public to follow the rules of social distancing when pubs and pubs reopen restaurants.

Professor Whitty said on Friday, “None of us believe, and I’m sure no one who watches this believes, it’s a safe next step.” This is absolutely not the case, which is why we have to be very serious about it.

“There is no doubt that these are environments whose main task is to bring people together, it is a good thing to do socially, but it is also a good thing from the point of view of the virus.

“Therefore, we need to have a really clear and disciplined approach to try to maintain social distance while enjoying the ads. ”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and government experts have urged people to follow the rules to avoid creating a second wave of coronavirus.

He warned the public that he “should not drop them” by complaining about social distancing and said the government would “not hesitate” to reimpose lock restrictions if the number of coronavirus cases began to increase again.

Johnson said local targeted measures would replace blanket national bans.


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