London Restaurant News on reopening and coronavirus


London restaurants have been allowed to reopen for food service for three weeks. Meanwhile, some have returned with new security measures in place, serving customers who are getting used to a new reality in the hotel industry. The government has attempted to offer relief to restaurateurs with tax cuts, grants and a new nationwide catering program. But with tourism still largely suspended and workers not yet returning to their desks, much of London still relies on take-out, delivery, and al fresco dining; the center is trying to win back customers who have become more dependent on local networks, and more spirit to keep them strong.

Here’s what happened this week in the London restaurant business.

  • The takeover was a recurring theme, with 320 Tory MPs voting against taking back control of UK food standards. Among those who voted against the inclusion of a clause that would bind all imported food to the same standards as food produced in the UK in the next Trade Bill was Michael Gove, who has long promised ” no dilution ”of UK food standards. This would have effectively prevented meat produced in the United States like chlorinated chicken, which is a problem not because of the chlorine, but because of the working and animal welfare conditions that require its use, from entering the Kingdom. -United.

  • Old Michael has had a pretty painful week, having his fragile ‘good manners’ stance on wearing face masks while shopping for take out collapses on his bare ears when he visited Pret a Manger without a last week and then wore one.

  • A chain safe from the fragility of private equity because, well, have you seen its accounts? is McDonald’s, which reopened 700 restaurants this week. He did not, however, respond to questions from the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) on staff safety, which were asked as long as April.

Remember, despite the reopening of the dining rooms, take-out meals have not disappeared:

Until next week, eat well and be careful.

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