Lockleaze sex offender caught illegally driving truck in France after crashing into a toll


A convicted sex offender who was working as a truck driver led to the France for work, despite not having a license for a truck and must not have been abroad. When it crashed on to a motorway toll, the game was up.

Williams, 59, of Romney Avenue, Lockleaze, pleaded guilty to failing to comply with a notification obligation.

Judge Martin Picton jailed for 14 months.

“You had the choice’

He told Williams: “you know you shouldn’t have gone abroad.

“You have chosen to do. You had the choice. ”

Bristol Crown court has heard, in March 2003, Williams was sentenced to 11 years for sex offences,

Thanks Flynn, you continue via video link because of coronavirus lockdown, said that he had been ordered to notify his movements with the authorities.

Not only did he fail to do so when he visited Thailand, but having had to work as a truck driver, he has failed to fulfil the obligation of notification, a second time when he drove a truck for France in April of last year.

Miss Flynn said: “It and a crane operative left the country on 24 April and arrived in France.

“The british authorities have informed the fact that Mr. Williams had a kicker with a toll highway.

“The French authorities have notified the British authorities, he was in France and they don’t know about it. “

The court heard Williams should have provided notice to leave the united KINGDOM.

But, still further, a modification of his license means that he should not have been driving a truck by reason of previous convictions of truck driving activity.

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Edward Hetherington, defending, said his client was accompanied on the French trip with a colleague.

He said Williams had not refused to take the truck to France because he would have run the risk of losing his job and may have his conviction exposed.


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