Liverpool may be ‘forced’ to rethink transfer with imminent change to Premier League rules


The Premier League is set to continue its five substitutions per game over the next season, with lawmakers considering keeping the recent update a little longer.The Council of the International Football Association (IFAB) implemented the change in May, when the European leagues returned to action after the three-month hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But now it looks like he could be set to stay, at least for the whole next season, if not beyond. It is believed, however, that the water breaks that were made halfway through each half will not continue.

According to The Athletic, IFAB should apply the rule to the 2020/21 campaign, which could also be affected by the pandemic given the end of the current season.

And that could change the plan for Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool as they seek to retain their Premier League title.

Liverpool stressed that it is unlikely to sign this summer, but if more players could be taken off the bench in each match, it could increase the feeling of strengthening the team.

Dan Morgan said on’s latest Blood Red podcast: “People love transfers and often don’t stop to think if we really need them or not.

“Improving greatness is much more difficult than improving when you can see the flaws – like a crying need for a central defender or a goalkeeper. The margins are getting thinner.

“What interests me is whether and when these proposed rule changes in terms of five substitutes will stay a little longer. Then I think it forces the manager into a small corner.

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“If his only real business aspiration was to improve, for example, Dejan Lovren, Xherdan Shaqiri and Adam Lallana, with the arrival of Curtis Jones, Harvey Elliott and Neco Williams, he might think” I need to minus one or two to fill that void. ”

“If we’re going to have five submarines and games condensed into two a week because of the schedule [that could change things]. «

Liverpool will, of course, also have the opportunity to use the likes of Harry Wilson, Marko Grujic and Rhian Brewster. The trio have been loaned this season, with Liverpool likely cashing in on the first two until the coronavirus pandemic.

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Brewster, meanwhile, could have spent another season on loan, either in the league once again, where he scored eight times in 16 games, or entered the Premier League, with soon promoted Leeds United apparently among the parties holding an interest.

If Liverpool determines that their team is strong enough to cope with the rule change, no transfer will be necessary.

But the IFAB statement, if it was imminent, as it is widely reported, may make it slightly more likely that Liverpool could spend.


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