Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher takes pop to Man City after online reviews


Jamie Carragher made a splash in Manchester City on Twitter after criticism of his response to the Champions League ban was canceled.The former Liverpool defender said the name of City had not been deleted despite his call to cancel a two-year ban on UEFA competitions.

“They’ve lost nine games this season yet, which tells you that money is not everything, nine teams have beaten them,” he told Sky Sports.

“Man City, with the money they have, did not win the Champions League, so they don’t really dominate.

“Is it going to have an effect on the ground?” Will the suspicion that they did something or got away with something go away? I do not think so.

“Yes, they went to court and won, but I don’t think the suspicions will ever go away, so I don’t think they have completely erased their names from people up and down the country.

“Let it help the players, they don’t have to worry about missing the Champions League, so they can improve and they definitely have to improve for next season.” ”

However, Carragher continued to defend City after Jurgen Klopp declared the decision “a bad day for football”.

That done, Carragher reacted and made a cheerful pop on social media after being accused of “misreading the news”.

He wrote, “I actually take it very well! It doesn’t matter if you are in the CL or not, you have never done anything about it so far anyway.

“I was defending City against FFP if you watch the full video. “


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