LIVE: Rave near Bath – police interrupt rally at Upper Swainswick


Police are breaking up a rave which has disturbed people over a large area between Bristol and Bath this morning.The Avon and Somerset Police Control Room tweeted sometime after 5 am: ‘We are aware of the rave going on in Upper Swainswick, Bath and have several units on the scene.

“We hope to end this as soon as possible and understand the distress this is causing local residents. As a result our 101 lines are very busy, but rest assured we are aware of that. ”

People as far away as Longwell Green, Keynsham and Upper Swainswick would have heard music from the early hours. Sunday (July 19)

A resident near Bath said: “Our neighbors are complaining about loud noises at 5 am, the police were present at a rave. ”

A post in the Longwell Green and Hanham News and Photos Facebook group said: “If anyone can hear music it’s a rave going on, it can be heard at Oldland Common, Longwell Green, Keynsham (and) Upper Swainswick. ”

Further details will appear in the live blog feed below. Scroll down for the latest information and refresh your browser to see the latest.

Police on Saturday urged residents to report signs of rallies. An article on the Avon and Somerset Police website said: “This summer we are working with our communities to tackle disruption caused by unauthorized music events and raves – which may not have happened. plans in place to ensure everyone’s safety or to minimize noise disturbance. and increased traffic.

“We need to know if you think an event is taking place so that we can act quickly to prevent it. Pay attention to the signs: promotion on social networks, vans unloading sound equipment, more and more people are gathering. Call 101 right away. * with as much information as possible about the people and vehicles involved.

“We are particularly urging farmers and landowners to review their security measures – you can contact your neighborhood team for advice on 101 or online at

We contacted Avon and Somerset Police for further comments.

Are you concerned? Contact us [email protected] with more information or photos.


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