Live coronavirus news in the UK: survey reveals nurses not wearing face masks caused epidemic in hospital


An investigation into a coronavirus epidemic at Hillingdon Hospital in north-west London found that the deadly virus was spread by nurses who wore neither face masks nor social distancing, according to The Guardian.The hospital, which serves the Boris Johnson riding, had to shut down its A&E unit last week as a precautionary measure, where 70 staff members were quarantined.

The investigation would have revealed that an infected nurse had unintentionally transmitted the virus to 16 other people during a training session on June 30, despite most of the medical training posted for staff.

Hospital sources told the Guardian that everyone present was not two meters apart or covering their faces.

Meanwhile, a new study found that the rate of coronavirus infection in England had dropped considerably in the month before the lockout restrictions were lifted.

According to new research from Imperial College London, the nationwide infection rate halved every eight to nine days in May.

Follow live updates on the UK pandemic below.


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