Lisa Rinna shows Sarah Paulson love after Lisa Vanderpump’s shadow


Lisa Rinna de Real housewives in Beverly Hills is not a fan of Lisa Vanderpump. The two Bravo stars clashed when they were together in the reality series. Rinna still seemed to see through Vanderpump, which was not good for the latter. When Sarah Paulson cast a shadow over restaurant owner, Rinna could only find herself sending love to american horror story actress.

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How did Sarah Paulson qualify Lisa Vanderpump?

The feud between Paulson and Vanderpump began when the former recalled an incident with the latter. It was during an interview at Vanity Fair in October 2019 that the Miss america The actress said that Vanderpump was not so nice to her.

“You know, I don’t want her to come looking for me on Twitter, but I won’t miss her,” she said at the time. “I miss the dynamic that she brings to the group, which is, you know, the fear of God that she instills in everyone.”

Paulson then added, “I met her once at a party and she was not so nice to me. Am I going to be in trouble for this? She was not so nice. “

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Asked by fans on Twitter, Vanderpump said he did not know who the award-winning actress was.

“I’m sorry, I’m not sure I know her, and I don’t believe or remember having met her … I’m trying to be nice to everyone lol,” Vanderpump tweeted.

Sarah Paulson double

Paulson was asked about his encounter with Vanderpump during an appearance on Watch what’s happening live. the Act of was alum recalled the aftermath she received after making these comments.

“Bless the fans, bless the people who have their backs, it’s great,” she said. “But there is a kind of vitriol that was like … wow.” I didn’t say she was a terrible person, I just said she wasn’t so nice to me. She was not and it’s okay, it wasn’t a character assassination. She was not so friendly. ”

Fans pointed out that they did not think Vanderpump was not nice to Paulson, as the former allowed the latter to hold his precious dog Jiggy.

“Yeah, I probably grabbed the dog from his hand anyway. I was with other people I think she liked, she didn’t know who I was. I did not expect her to know who I was, but she was not so nice, “she added.

As reports of Paulson calling Vanderpump surfaced, some Housewives were a little too excited. That Bravo star who couldn’t contain himself was Rinna, who added a fun treat.

“I love Sarah Paulson,” Rinna wrote on Instagram.

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Lisa Rinna takes on the Karens

Rinna recently revealed that her QVC clothing line could be in trouble because she supports social causes on her social media. the RHOBH The star said that “Karens” was calling the home shopping channel to cancel it.

“I am sad to report [that] now it looks like i can’t use my platform to inform or question or say what i feel politically, ”she wrote in an article deleted since. “The Karen bombed QVC, begging them to fire me and saying they would not buy my clothes anymore. ”

the Veronica Mars alum said she would shy away from sharing things so as not to risk her job.

“It is a shame that I have to be muzzled to provide for my family, but that is exactly what it is,” she said. “Remember, you know how I feel. Use your voice and vote. “

However, a day later, Rinna changed her mind and said that she would support her plea.

“I decided not to be silent. Never, ”Rinna posted on Instagram Stories. “And I will take all the consequences that will result from my loyalty to my truth,” she said in a second article. “And damn Karen. ”

Real housewives in Beverly Hills aired Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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