Linkin Park says he posted cease and desist letter on pro-Trump video featuring ‘In the End’


The Linkin Park group announced on Sunday that it had released a cease and desist letter on the use of the song “In the End” in a video promoted by President Trump and the deputy chief of staff of the White House for Dan Scavino communications. The video appears to have been deleted from Twitter, where Scavino and Mr. Trump shared the video.”Linkin Park has not approved or endorsed Trump, nor does he allow his organization to use any of our music,” said the group. “A cease and desist has been issued. ”

Shortly after Mr. Trump took office, Chester Bennington, the former lead singer of Linkin Park who died by suicide in 2017, tweeted that the president was “a greater threat to the United States than terrorism. “, Adding” that we must take back our voices. and stand up for what we believe in. ”


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