LILLEY: Committee learns WE have hired investigators to spy on journalist’s children


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It was one of the most bizarre, and commented on moments of the Kielburger brothers’ four-hour testimony on Tuesday: a question of whether the brothers or WE Charity hired a private investigator to snoop around members of the media and their young children.

For most organizations, the answer would simply be no. For Craig Kielburger, his answer was far from answering the question, but it was telling people so much.

“Have you or someone acting on your behalf, including a law firm, ever hired private investigators who might have looked into media figures like Mr. Jesse Brown or journalist Jaren Kerr? ” Asked Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre.

“Sir, if I may say with all due respect, you’ve hit rock bottom if Jesse Brown is now the one you’re quoting,” Craig Kielburger replied.

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Brown is a freelance journalist and publisher of Canadaland, an online news and podcast site.


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