Lil Marlo dies: rapper dies at 27 after being shot dead


Rapper Lil Marlo died at the age of 27, according to his friend and colleague hip-hop star Lil Yachty.No official details of his death have been released, but several reports suggest that he was killed in a shootout in Atlanta, Georgia.

Images of a damaged car stopped on the side of a highway in the city are traveling online while the rapper was traveling in the vehicle before his death.

The news of Lil Marlo’s death was apparently confirmed by his friend Lil Yachty, who posted a photo of him on his Instagram page with a tribute.

Lil Marlo has died at the age of 27, according to his friend Lil Yachty

He wrote, “We just made a song at 4 this morning smh rip brother @ lilmarlo_1. ”

Atlanta rapper Clay James tweeted, “Waking up when I saw Lil Marlo passed away made me appreciate the alarm even more.

“It is a sad day in Atlanta. Pray to family, friends and QC. The lives of blacks won’t matter to anyone else if they don’t start to matter to the United States first. “

Reports suggest rapper died in Atlanta shootout Saturday night

Lil Marlo – real name Rudolph Johnson – was signed to the quality control label with his friend and partner Lil Baby.

They worked together on several projects, Lil Baby even giving his boyfriend a cry on his song Freestyle 2017.

Lil Marlo’s best known titles include Time After Time and Whatchu Gon Do.

He is survived by four children, Kemora, Rihanna, Marlo and Rudy.


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