Lidl will open 25 new stores in the UK this year, creating 1,000 jobs


LIDL is expected to open 25 new supermarkets in the UK this year, creating 1,000 new jobs.

The supermarket giant has promised to keep jobs in place for the next two years.

Lidl plans to open a new store every week until the end of the yearCredit: Alamy

Ambitious plans will see Lidl open a new store every week in England, Scotland and Wales until Christmas 2020.

This is part of an investment of £ 1.3 billion for the UK, which will open another 100 stores in 2021 and 2022.

Agency openings will create 4,000 additional jobs over the next two years.

There are around 800 Lidl supermarkets in the UK and the retailer hopes to have 1,000 by the end of 2023.

Where do the new Lidl stores open?

LIDL has not yet announced the full list of stores that will open by Christmas 2020.

Here are the branches that will open in the coming weeks:

  • Selhurst
  • Harrow Weald, Coleford
  • Llandudno Junction

Main Street suffered huge blows during the coronavirus pandemic, with sales falling to a fifth of the levels before the foreclosure.

Thousands of jobs have been “cut” – Boots announced 4,000 job cuts with the closure of 48 optical stores, while John Lewis announced plans to close eight stores, putting 1,300 jobs at risk.

But despite that, supermarket sales are expected to increase by the end of the year – grocery stores absorbed 51% of retail sales in March, according to BDO Street Sales Tracker.

Faced with the disruption, Lidl will continue to open four new stores in the coming weeks, located in Selhurst, Harrow Weald, Coleford and Llandudno Junction.

It is also looking for sites to build stores in Winchester, Didsbury and Cardiff City Center.

Even during the pandemic, the discounter continued to plan to open new locations in Birmingham, Torquay and London, and added 2,500 temporary jobs to existing supermarkets to support staff throughout the closure.

How to Reduce the Cost of Your Grocery

SAVING on your store can make a big difference in your wallet. Here are some tips from Hannah Maundrell, editor of, on how you can lower the cost of your purchase invoices:

  • Write yourself a list – Buy only the items you need. If it’s not on your list, don’t put it in the cart
  • Create a budget – Establish a weekly budget for your food purchases
  • Never buy hungry – you are much more likely to buy more food if your belly rumbles
  • Do not buy pre-chopped vegetables or fruit – The extra they will charge for the hash can be watering for the eyes
  • Use social media – follow your favorite retailers for the latest offers
  • Be disloyal – You may want to go to different stores to find the best deals
  • Check the fine print – It’s always worth checking the price per kg / lb / liter when comparing offers, so making a similar decision for a larger box doesn’t necessarily mean you get more
  • Use your loyalty cards – Don’t be afraid to sign up for everyone. They all work slightly differently – figure out which bonus is right for you and don’t forget to redeem your points for extra rewards

Lidl employees are paid at least £ 9.30 an hour outside London and £ 10.75 within M25.

This is higher than the national living wage, which is currently £ 8.20 for 21-24 year olds and £ 8.72 for those over 25.

It is one of the highest paid supermarkets, with Tesco paying staff at least £ 9 an hour, according to, and £ 9.18 an hour at Asda.

Christian Härtnagel, CEO of Lidl GB, said: “With the pandemic affecting household finances, our mission to deliver value to as many people as possible is more important than ever and that is why we remain committed to our store opening program.

“With the opening of new Lidl stores every month, we are offering more communities the opportunity to shop for our high quality products at Lidl prices. “

To make stores safe for customers and staff during the pandemic, Lidl has introduced new rules for when you shop.

In fact, all the supermarkets have taken new steps – you can read what they are all here.

Yesterday we reported that Lidl was the cheapest supermarket for groceries in June 2020, beating competition from Aldi and Tesco.

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