Licensed geologist overcomes COVID-19 crisis with business of disinfectant wipes


It started as a necessary experiment, due to the massive sale of disinfectant wipes. Morgan Keane said they could not find any for his immunocompromised loved ones in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.“We started looking for DIY methods. It has been sold everywhere. So we spent a few weeks testing things to see if we could make products just for our family, ”said Keane.

YeaC Local Wipes from Keane is about as cultivated as possible. She makes the product from a house, transforming a kitchen table into an assembly line.

“I literally created a full-time job for myself,” said Keane. “We shoot days from 12 to 2 p.m.”

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By profession, Keane is a geologist. But she lost her job in the pandemic.

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“I was laid off on a Thursday at the end of April for my job as a geologist and I actually started this business on Sunday,” said Keane. “We joke that I have given myself a day off on Friday to get back on my feet. “

They manufacture from the loft in the East Village of Franco.

They manufacture from the loft in the East Village of Franco.

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She researched local distilleries for products, ordered labels made from a local printer, and developed her business to the point where she was able to hire staff – others whose jobs were affected by the COVID crisis – 19.

“We wanted everything to be local. I was fired from my oil and gas position and we have another employee who helps us, their business is almost closed with the COVID-19 crisis and we have another employee who has suffered cutbacks, ”said said Keane.

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Darnell Franco is an oil and gas engineer, he still has his full-time job but he is so committed to the mission, he works the midnight shifts and weekends.

“I consider it admirable. Seeing Calgary struggling with the economy, it hit home. To see Morgan start on her own and grow her business to the point where she is able to find help and employ people, I think it’s so cool, “said Franco.

To date, Keane has sold more than 1,000 packages, each delivering personally to customers. She also makes room for goodwill, donating $ 1 from each purchase to the Calgary Food Bank.

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