Liam Payne’s sweet confession about how the Bear’s son makes him a better person


Liam Payne gently tells the world that his son Bear “constantly inspires” him to be a better person. The 26-year-old star’s former director, who shares three years with her ex Cheryl, 37, spoke of her love for the little Diana Awards, which rewards children’s social work and humanitarian efforts. and young adults.

He spoke about the Bear, after wondering what motivates him by a young award winner.

Liam said, “I think, for me, on a daily basis my three-year-old son constantly inspires me.

“The thing is, it inspires you to do better. ”

He added that he “finally started to become a man” following the birth of his son.

Liam says Bear makes him a better person

“He made sure to change my point of view on a lot of different things, and the way I lived my life, and I think it continues in of me everyday that I just want to be better and better for him , really, “he added.

Liam added that he and Cheryl “talk a lot about him about doing something to help the world”.

“I often think for his life it would be so satisfying,” he added.

“He gives you more for your soul, I think, more than anything else, and I would like to find him a job to do like that, really. ”

The Duke of Sussex, The Vamps star James McVey, actor Poulter and actress Dame Emma Thompson were among those to whom the winners were addressed.

Liam shares his son with his ex Cheryl

It comes after Cheryl has revealed her plans to make sure Liam gets to spend more time with the Bear as soon as it is safe for him to do so during the locking coronavirus.

The former Girls Aloud star is said to be planning to ask Liam to move to his Buckinghamshire, home.

Liam has been in his London apartment throughout solitary confinement and has openly talked about his emotional phone calls with his son.

He even missed a Bear in his third birthday over fears that he might have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus during his scheduled day of the tour.

That he was away from him during the lockout

Liam said, “It was really hard not to go down on her birthday and I discussed it with Cheryl and we thought it was the best option.

“It was awful, missing it wasn’t great, I had a lot of photos and videos and FaceTime, but it’s the hardest thing.

“It is the most difficult thing for all of us. But I think the technology that is pushing us far enough outside now is to come together now, more than ever. ”

A source close to Cheryl said since she thinks of asking him to move in, so he can do to make up for lost time.

The insider said to Heat: “Lockdown has really got Cheryl to think about her future and what’s going to happen with Liam.

“Liam was unable to see the Bear and he was so hard on them all. She and Liam still very well and Cheryl suggested that he return home for a while, when it is all over.

“She has a big house, so there’s a lot of space and thinks it’s going to be big to wear them to have them both around. “


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