LeBron James objected to NBA players speaking to media on China before money, Morey


When Daryl Morey tweeted and then removed support for protesters in Hong Kong and the NBA received criticism from the Chinese country, the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets accidentally quickly arrived in Shanghai for a game of exhibition.LeBron James was invoked as a guiding voice on how to respond. James thought it didn’t make sense for the players to speak to the nearly 200 reporters gathered in the hotel lobby when Morey and Adam Silver had yet to speak to the media.

“What he was talking about the most was,” a source close to the meeting told ESPN, “’How can you ask us to do media when you’re not yourself? ”

Promotional events and appearances have been canceled, as have team practices and media sessions.

“It was interesting,” a team source said. “They were in a bubble. They started the season in a bubble, and they’re going to end it in a bubble. “


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