Leanne Battersby of Corrie is tagged as “vile” for cruel eagerness against Sister Toyah’s infertility


Coronation Street fans were furious when Leanne Battersby made a cruel jibe against her sister Toyah.Leanne struggles to cope after her son Oliver was diagnosed with mitochondrial disorder, a terminal illness.

After Toyah tried to comfort her in Monday’s episode, Leanne went wild, saying she wouldn’t understand because she couldn’t have children.

The moment shocked Corrie viewers, who called Leanne “vile” for the commentary.

It all started when Leanne accidentally stood on Oliver’s toy car and broke it, which left her shaking in rage.

Coronation Street fans were furious when Leanne Battersby cruel jibe against her sister Toyah

She told Toyah that she couldn’t help her because she couldn’t have children

Toyah suggested that he try to counsel or go to a support group to help him cope.

But Leanne went wild saying, “You can’t help because you have no idea what I’m going through because you’re not a mother and you never will be. ”

Leanne quickly apologized for Toyah not accepting it right away.

“You know a lot that I wanted children,” she said.

Leanne struggles to cope after son Oliver was diagnosed with terminal illness

“Yes, we all do,” replied Leanne. “IVF, surrogacy, I lived every moment – we all have.

“I think I really mean it, but you can’t compare it to what I’m going through. ”

She added, “You can’t cry something you’ve never had. ”

As Toyah stormed out, Leanne said, “You should be thankful that you don’t have children. “

Toyah stormed

The moment shocked viewers.

One of them tweeted, “It was a horrible explosion from Leanne. Toyah didn’t deserve it at all. It was really irrelevant. ”

“I feel so much for Leanne but what she just said to Toyah was despicable,” said another.

A third wrote: “Find it very difficult to sympathize with Leanne at the moment! ”

* Corrie is broadcast on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30 p.m. on ITV


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