Lawyer who murdered judge’s son had New York’s top lawyer blacklisted


Roy Den Hollander was marinated in misogyny.On Sunday night, the anti-feminist lawyer – who is believed to be dying of cancer – was dressed as a FedEx delivery woman.

When the door opened at the home of U.S. District Judge Esther Salas in New Jersey, the 72-year-old flame killer opened fire.

Within seconds, Hollander injected a series of bullets into the judge’s husband, Mark Anderl, 63, then shot his 20-year-old son Daniel in the heart, killing him. Anderl is in stable condition.

Mark Anderi, his wife Judge Esther Salas and their son Daniel. Daniel was killed in a shooting Sunday at their home while Mark is in stable condition.

The judge was in the basement at the time of the massacre.

Hollander then drove nearly 200 miles north to the picturesque Catskills where cops say he was shot and killed.

Today, the New York Daily News and the New York Post raise the curtain on the maniac suspected of having committed the murders. The cops have so far been quiet about the target’s identity, but Hollander recently had questions before the judge.

According to the News, the name and photo of New York State Chief Justice Janet DiFiore were discovered by cops in Hollander’s car.

Initial reports of the tragedy suggested Salas – recently assigned to a case involving Deutsche Bank and evil financier Jeffrey Epstein – could have been targeted due to Epstein’s connection.

Hollander was a staunch anti-feminist and staunch advocate for men’s rights. Court documents cited by the News revealed that the killer was a lawyer more recently before Salas challenged the all-male military project.

Men’s rights flyer Roy Den Hollander led his twisted crusade to its bloody finale.


He called it an “attack on human rights”. Hollander was pulled from the case in 2019, but he had plenty of other ideological fish to fry, but that didn’t lessen his fury against Salas – and others.

He didn’t like Salas, calling her on his website a “lazy incompetent Latina judge appointed by Obama.”

Hollander wrote that Salas and others like her wanted to “convince America that whites, especially white men, were barbarians and that all those with darker skin were victims.

He wrote that Obama wanted to make the United States a banana republic, that Hillary Clinton’s supporters were “tearful, sad, PC loons,” and called Democrats “that Orwellian party of feminists, of ethnicities, Muslims, illegals and queers who think they are superior to everyone, especially white males.

Some of his trials were bizarre. Hollander has sued a number of Manhattan nightclubs for charging him for cover while letting young women in for free and hosting drink specials for “ladies night.”

Salas’s neighbor, Marion Costanza, told the News that they were “just wonderful people. I never heard a bad word about them. Obviously, someone was after them. It’s my point of view. ”

She said of the brave son of Salas: “Maybe another child locked himself in the bathroom or in a closet… And Daniel ran down the stairs after hearing the gunshot, and it’s he who died. ”

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